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The Dryman Team is a National Partner of Binswanger


Whether you're looking to buy or to lease, The Dryman Team can help you find the property you desire, while carefully watching out for your best interests. Your real estate broker needs to understand the market, know how to negotiate, be able to master the details of lease and sales documents, and take care of the little things — so you don't have to worry about them. With years of experience to draw on, The Dryman Team can do it all.

Tenant Program:
To guide you in your search for the ideal office, industrial or retail environment, The Dryman Team takes the time to learn about you, your business, and your needs. We'll take into consideration not only your immediate requirements, such as location and number of employees, but also your growth projections and your corporate culture. We understand that a law firm has different specialized needs than a high-tech start up, and we'll find the space that best suits your firm.  

Once we have a clear understanding of your business objectives, we will conduct a thorough market survey of available listings, using online services, our extensive properties library, and our network of contacts in the real estate community. Our analysis will include pre-screening qualified opportunities by consulting with the listing agent and making preliminary site visits. We will then present you with detailed information on the spaces we believe are best suited to your needs, and arrange a property tour of the locations that most interest you.

Upon your selection of the most suitable properties, we will prepare a Request for Proposal for each, outlining the terms and conditions under which you would consider an offer to lease. Once the proposals have been received from the landlords, we will analyze each deal and give you our recommendations, so you can make an informed decision about the property that best meets your space requirements and financial goals. Upon the completion of a mutually agreeable letter of intent, we will review the proposed lease agreement, make recommendations for revisions, and handle the entire lease negotiation process. We can also assist you with construction management for your tenant improvements, or simply provide a bid analysis to ensure your costs are reasonable and fair.   You can count on The Dryman Team to apply our knowledge and experience to represent your interests and help you enter into a lease transaction with confidence.



Purchaser Program:
People have different reasons for purchasing real estate. Owner-users may want the ideal work environment for their specialized needs, while investors may look for maximum return on investment or potential for appreciation, and still others may simply need to purchase low risk commercial properties to meet tax-free exchange requirements. Speculative ventures appeal to certain investors, while the security of a proven performer may be more suited to others. At The Dryman Team, we will work to understand your goals, investment needs and financial objectives in order to find the right property for you.

After assessing your requirements, we will put our extensive market knowledge to work for you. In addition to reviewing our collection of online and published listing data, we survey the target area for suitable properties and often approach property owners to gauge their interest in selling. By penetrating the market in this manner, we are often able to locate investment opportunities that our clients would otherwise not have been able to consider.

Once suitable properties are identified, we will prepare a presentation for you, including specifications, maps, floor plans, and the financial terms of the offering. After touring the properties in which you indicate an interest, we will help you develop an offer that is in line with the market and that best protects your investment. We will present the offer in the form of a Letter of Intent, which outlines the terms and conditions under which you would consider a purchase, and review and negotiate a favorable sales contract.

In addition, we will guide you through the property inspection and due diligence phase of the transaction and, if needed, recommend qualified inspectors, contractors or professional services. We will examine any existing leases and analyze operating expenses, pointing out any areas of concern. We can also provide a review of the property's management and maintenance, to identify any weaknesses or potential for increased efficiency.

At The Dryman Team, we consider ourselves your investment partner. Our goal is to find the best overall property for your needs and to help you make informed decisions so that you can meet your financial objectives.