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The Dryman Team is a National Partner of Binswanger


The Dryman Team's strong past involvement and current activity in marketing commercial real estate in Atlanta will be an important key to our success in leasing or selling your building. We target qualified prospective buyers and tenants and we stay in touch with the brokerage and business communities, ensuring our properties are aggressively advertised and marketed.   


Promotional Program:

We have developed proven strategies, based on sound marketing principles, which will enable us to reach the brokers and their prospects.   Our broad-scale promotional program, which will ensure awareness throughout the brokerage community, includes the following:

  • Production of a marketing flyer for use in direct mailings, cold calling, property tours and proposal packages. The flyers will be emailed to over 300 of the top commercial brokers in Atlanta.
  • Listing in Dorey's Office Guide and Black's Guide, which are the top two publications for commercial brokers.
  • On-line listings in DoreyPro, CoStar and LoopNet online databases providing sales and leasing information on available properties throughout Atlanta.
  • Installation of highly visible marketing signage.
  • Inclusion of all marketing information for your property in the Available Properties page of this web site.
  • Monthly marketing progress reports.

Working from the owner's perspective, our team is highly experienced in owner and landlord representation and has the knowledge and skills required to capitalize on sales and leasing opportunities.  

Sales Program:
In addition to the Promotional Program, we will:

  • Perform a close review of the recent sales prices of comparable properties in the Atlanta market to assure a realistic and competitive sales price.
  • Create a sales package, which will include specifications, financial information and pro formas.
  • Develop a pre-approved contract form.



Leasing Program:
In addition to the Promotional Program, the following will enable us to respond quickly to brokers and prospective tenants:

  • Establish acceptable leasing guidelines.
  • Create a financial model for reviewing lease proposals to ensure that each satisfies your financial objectives.
  • Develop a Deal Approval Form to streamline the approval process by highlighting only the points that deviate from agreed upon leasing guidelines.
  • Develop a pre-approved lease form, along with acceptable deletions and stipulations, which will be designed to minimize the need for each lease to be reviewed by your attorney.
  • Negotiate solid lease transactions with market increases to ensure the future financial stability of your building.